Фрирайд в Гудаури: список cкитур и бэккантри программ с горным гидом.
Фрирайд в Гудаури: список cкитур и бэккантри программ с горным гидом.
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Бэккантри и фрирайд в Грузии c горным гидом

Guided Ski & Splitboard tours in the mountains of Georgia with Oleg Gritskevich (@amnimaken)

Ski Guide in Gudauri ski resort - Oleg Gritskevich

In multi-day programs we focus on immersion in the local culture, familiarity with authentic cuisine, communication with local and development of knowledge and understanding of this place.

Achievement is the new experiential - every day we set and, if possible, try to achieve any goal - be it a peak, a new route, a high-speed of climbing or a significant difference in altitude (vertical drop) ... 

Backcountry programs with overnight stays in tents - is great opportunity to ride interesting and remote slopes and also an ideal way of digital detox in the wild nature without the Internet and electricity.

In multi-day safari programs, we are ready to flexibly change plans to enjoy the best snow and get the most impressions from the adventure. 

Our guide Oleg Gritskevich is also the author of the book "Backcountry Skiing in Gudauri, Georgia", published in 2017.

Some articles that were written with my guiding:

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Backcountry with us is:



Real powder every day, even a month after the last snowfall -
we know where high-quality snow hides
You will descend without crossing the tracks of the previous group -
only untouched snow, if that’s what you want and you are able



Depending on avalanche, snow, and weather conditions,
the level of fitness, and the expectations of the group
There are not more than 6 persons with 1 guide in our groups -
this ensures safety and a minimal loss of time waiting for others

Подобрать программу фрирайд с гидом по параметрам

Скитуринг и сплитбординг в окрестностях Гудаури ↓ 5000 метров, Гудаури, Казбеги, КАТЕГОРИЯ "БОЛЬШИЕ ЛИНИИ", 5 дней, Группа 5-6 человек

Горнолыжный курорт Гудаури (Грузия)

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Фрирайд, скитур с гидом: + 995 591 340 500 (WhatsApp, Viber). Email: enjoy@gudauri.travel
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