Freeriding in the Milioni Valley, N (north), 7 km., ⎋ 05:00 h., ⇡ 00:40 h., ↑ 541 m., ↓ 1462 m., ▼ 1974 m. - ▲ 3066 m.
Freeriding in the Milioni Valley, N (north), 7 km., ⎋ 05:00 h., ⇡ 00:40 h., ↑ 541 m., ↓ 1462 m., ▼ 1974 m. - ▲ 3066 m.
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Freeriding in the Milioni Valley, N (north), 7 km., ⎋ 05:00 h., ⇡ 00:40 h., ↑ 541 m., ↓ 1462 m., ▼ 1974 m. - ▲ 3066 m.

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Adventure title
Freeriding in the Milioni Valley

Linear routes, Steep Skiing, Day trip
One line summary
In Gudauri, this is the fastest and surest way to find perfect snow with a vertical drop more than a kilometer with the use of ski lifts.
Alpine difficulty
PD: Slightly difficult (Peu Difficile)
Slope aspect
N (north)
Route Lenght
7 km.
Total duration ⎋
⎋ 05:00 h.
Duration of skinning up ⇡
⇡ 00:40 h.
Ascent ↑
↑ 541 m.
Descent ↓
↓ 1462 m.
▼ 1974 m. - ▲ 3066 m.
Descent difficulty
S3 : Slopes up to 35° (equivalent to the steepest runs in ski resorts, on hard snow). Requires good skiing abilities in all snow conditions.
Extremely remote: In the high mountains or remote conditions, all individuals must be completely autonomous in every situation.
Low Exposure (E1): Exposure is limited to that of the slope itself. Getting hurt is still likely if the slope is steep and/or the snow is hard.
Overview of the route
The descent to the Milioni Valley is one of the best routes for those who want to find perfectly untouched powder with the help of ski lifts. Due to the need to traverse a little bit and ascend to the crosspiece of the nearby valley (50 m ascent), the route is the least crowded, since freeriders with ordinary skis and snowboards can’t get here. A skitour or splitboard set are essential to reach the beginning of the descent, with only half an hour of easy traverse. The route is very picturesque, and the descent lines are some of the best in the region.
Route description

The Milioni Valley lies directly after the Kobi Valley from the back, on the northern side of the Gudauri Ski Resort with the northern slope exposure. 

There are several options for descent along the edges of the terrain, and because of this local freeriders call the route "Alaska." The route ends near the village of Kobi on the Georgian Military Road. The steepness of the slopes is 30 - 37º.

UPD: Since 2019, after the launch of new ski lift lines to the Kobi Valley, returning to the resort has become easier. Now, if you descend from the Milioni valley to the Kobi village with a cushion time of at least 40 minutes, you can return to the resort by ski lifts (which is very convenient if the Cross Pass is closed and traffic through it is stopped). Using two gondolas from Kobi, you can ascend to the Kobi pass and descend from there to the resort point you need.

NB! Before starting a route to Milioni, make sure that the cable cars on Kobi are working, check their working hours and try to descend to Kobi with a large cushion time of at least 40 minutes – the time required for a walk from the end point of the route to the start of cableway to Kobi.

Distinctive details of the route

Set off for the route only in conditions of low avalanche danger, good visibility, and favorable forecast for the next hours. Before heading for the Milioni route, while still at the resort, call the Patrol Police of Georgia (+995 322 418 502) to check if the Cross Pass is open or Kobi ski lift are operating; otherwise you may not return to Gudauri for several days.


The route is potentially dangerous due to particular features of the terrain, including a large vertical slope difference and the presence of so-called "terrain traps." Certainly, this route is not recommended for independent passage by riders without corresponding experience.

Check the level of avalanche danger before setting off for the route! Daily updated information on the level of avalanche danger can be found in the Gudauri Travel Bar (

Skins, Ski Crampons, Standard avalanche equipment (beeper, probe, shovel)
Mobile connection
There is no mobile connection on the itinerary
Is the route accessible when the Cross Pass is closed?
Water en route
Best time
January, February, March, April
Recommended maps for this region
Trekking Map # 4: Khevi, Stephantsminda, Gudauri, Truso. Skale 1 : 50 000.
Useful information

Returning to the resort by car, you can make a stop a few minutes before Gudauri near the Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument, which has been there since Soviet times, in honor of the 200-year friendship between Georgians and Russians. In addition to this interesting fact, even better are the incredible views from this area on a half-kilometer precipice, a volcanic plateau, and a mountain lake (artificial).

You can find information about the level of avalanche danger in the region, buy maps of the route, join an organized group, or order a professional mountain guide on this route in the Gudauri Travel Bar (

Rescue service: +995 790 211 100
Fire service, police, medical assistance: 112
Helicopters: +995 32 2243 503, +995 595 350 900, +995 595 404 606

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