Bidara Mt., NW (северо-запад), 1-3 км., ⎋ 02:00 ч., ⇡ 00:40 ч., ↑ 146 м., ↓ 725 м., ▼ 2368 m. - ▲ 2981 m.
Bidara Mt., NW (северо-запад), 1-3 км., ⎋ 02:00 ч., ⇡ 00:40 ч., ↑ 146 м., ↓ 725 м., ▼ 2368 m. - ▲ 2981 m.
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Bidara Mt., NW (северо-запад), 1-3 км., ⎋ 02:00 ч., ⇡ 00:40 ч., ↑ 146 м., ↓ 725 м., ▼ 2368 m. - ▲ 2981 m.

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Название маршрута
Bidara Mt.
Особенности маршрута
Кольцевые маршруты, Линейные маршруты, Крутые склоны, Гребневые маршруты, Однодневный маршрут
Кратко о маршруте
High-quality snow and large lines in the close proximity of Gudauri resort with easy access from the cable ways
Общий уровень сложности
PD: Небольшая сложность (Peu Difficile)
Экспозиция склона
NW (северо-запад)
Протяженность маршрута
1-3 км.
Общая продолжительность ⎋
⎋ 02:00 ч.
Продолжительность подъёма ⇡
⇡ 00:40 ч.
Набор высоты ↑
↑ 146 м.
Спуск ↓
↓ 725 м.
▼ 2368 m. - ▲ 2981 m.
Сложность спуска
S3: Склоны до 35 ° (эквивалентны самым крутым трассам на горнолыжных курортах). Требует хороших навыков катания в любых снежных условиях.
Удаленный: В случае чрезвычайной ситуации помощь может прибыть в течении некоторого времени.
Опасность в случае падения
Низкая (E1): Опасность ограничена воздействием самого склона. Возможно получить травму, если склон крутой и / или сильный снег.
More routes and information about the region

This and others (more than 30 routes) are in the printed version of the backcountry guide to the Gudauri and Kazbegi region from the "Still Wild Georgia" series.
You can buy a book at the Travel Bar in Gudauri - or order mail delivery:

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In just a few words
There are various diverse complexity routes for beginner freeriders and adherents of steep slopes and couloirs. Gradient – from 25º in the broad snowy fields to 45º in the narrow rocky couloirs.
Route description

Starting point    

When cableways are working, the route starting point is from the Kobi pass (2950 m.) – upper stations of the gondola lines on both sides – from the Gudauri resort and Kazbegi region (Kobi village). If cableways are not working, the start is from the upper station of the “Gudaura” ski lift.


If the route starts from the Kobi pass, you have to descend by a traverse to the foot of the Bidara ridge, trying not to lose height, then ascend by ski-tour in 20-30 minutes to the Bidara ridge, which is the western border of Gudauri resort. Without having ski-tour equipment, you can climb from the pass to the peak of Bidara Mt. 3174 m. along the ridge.

Ski-tour to the ridge from the upper station of the “Gudaura” ski lift takes 60 minutes.


You can start the descent from the central part of the ridge, or, depending on your experience; you can keep climbing to the south rocks or the north for skiing in one of the rocky couloirs. The most famous couloir is called “Banana couloir”, descending to the Kobi gorge (on the photo on p. 38). After descending from the central-western slope to the Georgian Military Road, you can complete the day with the “Pentagon” route.

As an option, you can start the descent from the ridge towards the resort, then take it to the right (south) and descend to the Georgian Military Road close to the open tunnel (“Gallery”)- route “Bidara Shoulder.”


A current state of snow cover, influence of daytime temperatures on its stability, the difference in steepness of the slopes, and terrain traps – all these must be considered when choosing each particular route. For example, in March-April on the most popular for the descent central western slopes, there is an ice crust in the first half of the day — the result of last day evening sun in the warmed-during-the-day air and the subsequent nightly lowering of temperatures. Afternoon, the crust disappears, and the upper part descent becomes more comfortable.

Камуса, Стандартное лавинное снаряжение (бипер, зонд, лопата)
Мобильная связь
Мобильная связь есть на всём маршруте
Маршрут доступен когда Крестовый Перевал закрыт?
Только восточные склоны
Лучшее время
Декабрь, Январь, Февраль, Март, Апрель
Рекомендованные карты
Треккинг Карта № 4: Хеви, Степантсминда, Гудаури, Трусо. Масштаб 1: 50 000.
Полезная информация

Due to the route’s popularity and proximity to the resort, it becomes harder to choose a descent line with pristine snow each year. Therefore, the last to be selected are steep and hard-to-reach slopes and north-western couloirs with access from the southern ridge of Bidara.

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