Bidara Mt., NW (northwest), 1-3 km., ⎋ 02:00 h., ⇡ 00:40 h., ↑ 146 m., ↓ 725 m., ▼ 2368 m. - ▲ 2981 m.
Bidara Mt., NW (northwest), 1-3 km., ⎋ 02:00 h., ⇡ 00:40 h., ↑ 146 m., ↓ 725 m., ▼ 2368 m. - ▲ 2981 m.
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Bidara Mt., NW (northwest), 1-3 km., ⎋ 02:00 h., ⇡ 00:40 h., ↑ 146 m., ↓ 725 m., ▼ 2368 m. - ▲ 2981 m.

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Adventure title
Bidara Mt.
Loop routes, Linear routes, Steep Skiing, Ridge route, Day trip
One line summary
High-quality snow and large lines in the close proximity of Gudauri resort with easy access from the cable ways
Alpine difficulty
PD: Slightly difficult (Peu Difficile)
Slope aspect
NW (northwest)
Route Lenght
1-3 km.
Total duration ⎋
⎋ 02:00 h.
Duration of skinning up ⇡
⇡ 00:40 h.
Ascent ↑
↑ 146 m.
Descent ↓
↓ 725 m.
▼ 2368 m. - ▲ 2981 m.
Descent difficulty
S3 : Slopes up to 35° (equivalent to the steepest runs in ski resorts, on hard snow). Requires good skiing abilities in all snow conditions.
Remote: Away from help but easily accessed.
Low Exposure (E1): Exposure is limited to that of the slope itself. Getting hurt is still likely if the slope is steep and/or the snow is hard.
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This and others (more than 30 routes) are in the printed version of the backcountry guide to the Gudauri and Kazbegi region from the "Still Wild Georgia" series.
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In just a few words
There are various diverse complexity routes for beginner freeriders and adherents of steep slopes and couloirs. Gradient – from 25º in the broad snowy fields to 45º in the narrow rocky couloirs.
Route description

The region has a large number of combined routes, from those that use ski lifts to skitouring/backcountry routes. It takes 40 minutes to get from the top station of Sadzele lift to the beginning of the simplest route. Before going down to the opposite side of Mount Bidara, make sure that you can see moving traffic on the Cross Pass and on the Georgian Military Road, otherwise you will have to return to Gudauri on foot (10 km).


It is impossible to characterize the safety of this region as a whole. One must take everything into account when choosing each particular route: the state of the snow cover, influence of the southern exposure and time of day on its stability, the different steepness of slopes, and relief traps. For example, in March-April on the most popular western slopes, there is a crust of ice in the first half of the day as a result of the day before’s evening sun in warmed-up air and the subsequent night temperature decrease. After lunch, the crust melts and the descent in the upper parts of the mountain is more comfortable.

Check the level of avalanche danger before setting off for the route! Daily updated information on the level of avalanche danger can be found in the Gudauri Travel Bar (

Skins, Standard avalanche equipment (beeper, probe, shovel)
Mobile connection
Mobile communication is on the itinerary
Is the route accessible when the Cross Pass is closed?
Eastern slopes only
Best time
December, January, February, March, April
Recommended maps for this region
Trekking Map # 4: Khevi, Stephantsminda, Gudauri, Truso. Skale 1 : 50 000.
Useful information

Returning by car to the resort, you can make a stop a few minutes before Gudauri near the Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument, which has been there since Soviet times, in honor of the 200-year friendship between Georgians and Russians. In addition to this interesting fact, even better are the incredible views from this area on a half-kilometer precipice, a volcanic plateau, and a mountain lake (artificial).

You can find information about the level of avalanche danger in the region, buy maps of the route, join an organized group, or order a professional mountain guide on this route in the Gudauri Travel Bar (



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