Ski in Gudauri- the best photos of the resort and recreation in the mountains of Georgia
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Photo archive of Gudauri Travel

The archive contains thousands photos taken from 2010 to the present day. They are united by the theme of active recreation in the mountains of Georgia and organized with #tags –  #seasons, #names of locations, #routes, #actions and #items. All tags are in English, and they are keywords in EXIF-​ data of photo files.

Particular attention is paid to photos of the Gudauri ski resort, Kazbegi region and mountain areas nearest to them.

How to use the archive: selecting (clicking) ​​any #tag activates the range of photos with the chosen keyword. It is also possible to search in various categories - multiple choice of tags. In this case, all photos that fit the search will be presented, and #tag changes color to orange. The second click deactivates #tag.

Terms of photo usage: it is possible to use any photo on any internet resource provided that the watermark "" is saved. To receive a photo for printing, in high resolution and without watermark, please contact the photo copyright holder by email

Guided ski touring in Gudauri and Kazbegi mountains >>>

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