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Ski Resorts

Ski resort GUDAURI Ski resort GUDAURI
57 Hotels
5 Locations
Ski resorts in SVANETI Ski resorts in SVANETI
10 Hotels
3 Locations
News of the Georgian Ski Resorts Iva Tsiklauri presented his new project "Three summits"
Sunday, 13 April 2014
news Gudauri's rider Iva Tsiklauri the member of the Red bull Georgia team presented his new project "Three...
GUDAURI.TRAVEL News The Lipstick Productions crew in Georgia again.
Saturday, 29 March 2014
The Lipstick Productions crew in Georgia again. The Lipstick Productions crew in Georgia again. This time they filming movie about Svaneti and Adjara...
News of the Georgian Ski Resorts The first Gudauri resort's app for iPhone.
Friday, 14 March 2014
news Gudauri Ski resort's app for iPhone: - Local weather - Live Cams - News - Interactive map - Ski tracker -...
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Gudauri day by day

22.02.14 Mestia
22.02.14 Mestia 22.02.14 В Местия, Сванетия шикарное катание после очередного...
14.01.14 Gudauri
14.01.14 Gudauri 14.01.14 Катание в Гудаури возможно только под 4-й очередью канатки. Работают 1-й, 2-й и 4-й...
14.01.14 Mestia
14.01.14 Mestia 14.01.14 Местия. Сванетия. Сегодня ещё 40 сантиметров свежего снега. Общий снежный покров в...
22.12.13 Mestia
22.12.13 Mestia 22.12.13 Поле в конце одного из фрирайд-кулуаров в Хацвали, Сванетия. Еще есть шанс встретить...

Gudauri. Winter season 2012/2013 – we summarize 165 days of winter.

Зима в ГудауриWinter 2012/2013 in GUDAURI - 165 days of winter

Last winter was soft and snowy enough, stem of thermometer seldom wend down below 7 centigrade below zero.  Good snow lay on the slopes before New Year and it stayed till the end of April. Thus official winter season of 2012/2013 lasted 125 days from December 25 till April 28. Unofficial (from the date of the first till the outmost back country) season lasted almost half a year, 165 days (from the first back country December 4 till the outmost working day of Chaukhi back country camp in May 19, 2013).


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