Kayaking, Pshavi Aragvi, M3
Kayaking, Pshavi Aragvi, M3

Kayaking, Pshavi Aragvi, M3

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Вид активности
Pshavi Aragvi
Map Section
Difficulty Level
April - June: 3.5 - 4.5
July - August: 3
September - October: 2.5
Best period
April - October
Duration of the run (Min)
80-110 мин.
Description of the route
The inclination angle increases to, flow speed increases to 15-17 km/hour. There are huge stones and appropriately this section is characterized as high-technical. This place can be evaluated from the side, what decreases the risk of descending. The distance of the valley is defined as 4 km. after that before the finish there are no narrow valleys to be expected. The river flows relatively quietly.
Start Place
Magharo's Kari
GPS сoordinates of the starting point (Latitude / Longitude)
42.47438279 / 44.92943645
Сoordinates of the finish point (Latitude / Longitude)
42.42551177 / 44.94364000
Additional Information
Aragvi river located in eastern Georgia – Kazbegi, Dusheti and Mtskheta municipalities - its length is 112 km, the catchment area is 2724 square km. Aragvi system of rivers made by - Mtiuleti (White) Aragvi, Gudamakari (Black) Aragvi, Khevsureti Aragvi and Pshavi Aragvi. The Main Aragvi starts in north - eastern part of volcanic mountains. Aragvi at upper and middle reaches is the mountain river, the lower section which flows at Mukhrani and Mtskheta plains apart. After it crosses the mountain range Skhaltba and Saguramo. Attached to the left side of the Mtkvari in Mtskheta.
Aragvi fed by groundwater, rain and snow, as well as Glacier and eternal snow water.
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